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Phone scam targeting Social Security numbers

Beware of people who claim to be with the U.S. Social Security Administration.

A scam alert recently has been released. The scam artists call an intended victim, pose as Social Security Administration (SSA) agents and claim the victim’s Social Security number has been stolen. One victim in Louisville was tricked into giving the scammers her Social Security number and paying $600 via a prepaid card. The scammer said the fee was to issue the woman a new Social Security number and Social Security card.

The right thing to do is to hang up on any caller who asks for your Social Security number. Never provide your Social Security number or other sensitive information, like your bank account or credit card number, over the phone —unless you are confident who you are talking with.

Phone scams from people pretending to work for the federal government — such as scammers claiming to be with the IRS and demanding immediate payment of owed taxes or claiming to be with the FBI, threatening arrest — are common. Many others were recently targeted by a Medicare card scam in which scammer claimed enrollees needed to hand over personal and financial information or make a payment over the phone to activated their new Medicare card. Scams are also frequently reported in which the scammer claims to be with a local law enforcement agency, and the target needs to make a payment to avoid being arrested.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from what it calls “government impostor scams”:

- Verify information with the legitimate government organization. If you get a call claiming to be from a government official, you can hang up and call the official number of that agency to find out if the call was legitimate.
- Don’t trust a cold caller. Scammer use official-sounding names to make you trust them. They use technology to fake the area code to make it look like they are calling from Washington, D.C., but could be calling from anywhere in the world. That practice is known as spoofing.
- Don’t use untraceable payment methods. If you are asked to make a payment using a wire transfer, a gift card or cash, it is most likely a scam.
- Report scams to local police or official government departments.

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  • Nikki
    2018-09-18 19:56:41
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    Left Voice Mail to call Sarah Reed to discuss repayment options on Student Loan. Called Department of Education and they confirmed it is a Scam.

  • Bob
    2018-09-18 19:47:02
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    voicemail left saying have four serious allegations pressed on my name. Call this number to discuss case before any legal action is taken against me!! Scam 803-845-2130

  • Griselda Delgado
    2018-09-18 19:42:30
    Call type: positive
    Rating: 5

    Como mirar el historial de llamadas de este número y los mensajes

  • M
    2018-09-18 19:40:45
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    A scammer trying to collect on a fake debt and threatening debt collection and lawsuits.

  • Jonathan Bowman Sr
    2018-09-18 19:36:27
    Call type: unknown
    Rating: -5

    Never leaves a message. Alwats calles while in at work.

  • Cass
    2018-09-18 19:36:02
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    E-transfer text from Bell Mobility refund, with suspicious link. I don’t even have a Bell account.

  • J
    2018-09-18 19:32:35
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    Someone saying I have broken tax laws and have a warrant out on me.

  • Cs
    2018-09-18 19:31:42
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    Phone hacker

  • Erica
    2018-09-18 19:31:30
    Call type: political
    Rating: -5

    You already know

  • Andrew
    2018-09-18 19:30:54
    Call type: positive
    Rating: 5

    Social Security Administration Scam

  • JWK
    2018-09-18 19:29:18
    Call type: scam
    Rating: -5

    Robot caller claims to be “local” police and that allegations have been made. The best I can tell the number is assigned to Bermillion Louisiana. The Vermillion police dept. does not list this as one of their numbers. I have never been to Vermillion, and have not been in Louisiana for years.

  • Noemi
    2018-09-18 19:25:00
    Call type: unknown
    Rating: 0

    Got a call today saying I was about to get served. That my social was at risk for a lawsuit. That they were coming th o my job.

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